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(I don't agree with everything he says, but it's still an interesting read.)
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For a full transcript of Stephen Colbert at the Correspondent's dinner ...
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George Bush attempts to answer the question 'why are at war with Iraq?'
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This blog is written by an educated woman living in Baghadad. I've checked it regularly for the last 2-3 years, but I must say her latest entry is one of the more powerful ones I've read.

How terribly ironic that the truest fatality of a war that is advertised as a way to bring freedom to the people of Iraq is the fundamental trust and understanding between those very people that would be necessary to create the freedom they supposedly seek to give them. Of course, the whole freedom thing is the biggest lie of all. Bush and Cheney don't even care about people living in their own country, why would they care about the personal life choices of the average Iraqi except to further their own agendas?
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We have walked over land, above sea, beneath sky
And arrived in a place that is between all places
In a place where three roads meet
It belongs to no-one, and everyone
It is the place where all things are possible.

There are no laws here.
No boundaries.
It is where all things end.
And where all things begin.

From here we can go anywhere
Anywhere our passions inspire.
Anywhere our will decides.

Welcome to the crossroads, my place for spiritual musings.


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