Mar. 21st, 2010 10:26 pm
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Aries - the ram.  Masculine, cardinal fire, ruled by Mars.  I AM.  Diamond.  Iron.  Tuesday. 1 and 9.  Courageous.  Direct.  In charge.

Taurus - the bull.  Feminine, fixed earth, ruled by Venus.  I HAVE.  Emerald.  Copper.  Friday.  6 and 4.   Dependable.  Structured.  Serene.

Gemini - the twins.  Masculine, mutable air, ruled by Mercury.  I THINK.  Agate.  Mercury.  Wednesday.  5 and 9.  Responsive.  Enthusiastic.  Likeable.

Cancer - the crab.  Feminine, cardinal water, ruled by the Moon.  I FEEL.  Pearl.  Silver.  Monday.  3 and 7.  Loyal.  Emotional.  Counceller.

Leo - the lion.  Masculine, fixed fire, ruled by the Sun.  I WILL.  Ruby.  Gold.  Sunday.  8 and 9.  Exuberant.  Involved.  Regal.

Virgo - the virgin.  Feminine, mutable earth, ruled by Mercury.  I ANALYZE.  Sapphire.  Mercury.  Wednesday.  5 and 3.  Conscientious.  Discriminating.  Critical.

Libra - the scales.  Masculine, cardinal air, ruled by Venus.  I BALANCE.  Opal.  Copper.  Friday.  6 and 9.  Charming.  Understanding.  Eager to Please.

Scorpio - the scorpion.  Feminine, fixed water, ruled by Pluto.  I DESIRE.  Topaz.  Plutonium.  Tuesday.  2 and 4.  Idealistic.  Determined.  Secretive.

Sagittarius - the archer.  Masculine, mutable fire, ruled by Jupiter.  I SEE.  Turquoise.  Tin.  Thursday.  5 and 7.  Optimistic.  Honest.  Confident.

Capricorn - the goat.  Feminine, cardinal earth, ruled by Saturn.  I USE.  Garnet.  Lead.  Saturday.  2 and 8.  Steady.  Serious.  Decisive.

Aquarius - the water bearer.  Masculine, fixed air, ruled by Uranus.  I KNOW.  Amethyst.  Uranium.  Wednesday.  1 and 7.  Friendly.  Curious.  Eccentric.

Pisces - the fish.  Feminine, mutable water, ruled by Neptune.  I BELIEVE.  Aquamarine.  Platinum.  Friday.  2 and 6.  Compassionate.  Romantic.  Artistic.


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